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Granddad the liar, Alki Zei’s latest novel for children of 11 to 111 is available in French since January 2009, published by SYROS Publishing (Grand-pere menteur).  The Parisian Publishing House has also republished the author’s famous first novel Wildcat under glass, whose all previous editions had been exhausted.





 Alki Zei is widely known in France as most of her works have been published there, gaining the readers’ and the librarians’ esteem.  Her books are not only proposed for reading to young students but are also often being distinguished, like Tina’s web (Le grand écart) which had been awarded the Bookworms prize.


In the long list of Alki Zei’s translated works few more editions were lately added.  These are The purple umbrella and The sound of the dragon’s feet that have been published in Korean by Changbi Publishers with beautiful illustrations and an edition in Catalan of Tina’s web by Ediciones Cruilla.